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Beanstalk Controlled-Release Fertilizer (CRF) provides a gradual release of nutrients that automatically and intelligently matchs a plant’s growth cycle. Improve your efficiency, cut costs, simplify your protocols and boost yields today with CRF. Our full line of products make providing your plants nutrients as easy as just adding water!

What is Beanstalk Fertilizer?

In short, Beanstalk Fertilizer is a Controlled Release Fertilizer (CRF) that makes the process of cannabis growth as simple as “Just Add Water”.

Beanstalk Agriculture’s Controlled-Release Fertilizers are encapsulated mineral prills that release nutrient to your plant depending on the stage of the growth cycle. The porous polymer coating allows nutrients to dissolve into solution at an equivalent rate to your plants water usage. This consistent access to nutrients enables your plant to utilise what it needs when it is needed. Taking the guesswork out of your growing and removing the requirement for bottled NPK fertilizers and additives. 

What does "Controlled Release" mean and how is it beneficial?

Almost self explanatory, controlled release is just that, controlled. Our product allows you to stop mixing fertilizer at all stages of plant growth, reducing the cost of both applying fertilizer and maintaining complex fertigation injectors. CRF allows you to eliminate most runoff from your facility, significantly reducing your environmental impact and your cost of goods sold. With a single application of Beanstalk CRF, you can simplify your SOP’s, improve efficiency and quality, whilst also saving money.

Simply mix the fertilizer prills into your substrate when potting up and Beanstalk’s comprehensive solution will provide your crop with all the necessary minerals, micro and macronutrients that they need for maximum growth and yield. Our coating is a proprietary Polyolefin based polymer that completely breaks down over time and, unlike commercial time release fertilisers, does not create microplastics that pollute the waterways. 

It's as simple as

Just Add Water!

How Beanstalk CRF Works

Our products controlled release formula takes the guesswork out of growing by providing the necessary nutrients when needed.

Can we use technology to simplify and improve plant nutrition? The answer is YES. Utilizing a proprietary coating we have developed a formulation designed specifically to grow top shelf product consistently and efficiently while cutting down on fertilizer and labor costs. CRF technology allows for reduced runoff, and lower fertilizer use because you are not wasting any down the drain. Reduce your impact and grow the finest product possible, easier and more cost effectively than ever before. Beanstalk CRF will change the way you grow forever.

How does Beanstalk CRF save me time?

Mixing nutrients for different stages of growth is not only incredibly time-consuming, but it can also become very expensive. Rather than wasting time mixing tanks and reservoirs daily you can focus your energy on the various other facets of plant health to push your product to the next level, while drastically cutting costs. Beanstalk CRF offers advantages and savings that simply can’t be matched by traditional liquid or dry hydroponic fertilizer systems. We have harnessed the powerful technology of CRF to revolutionize the way you grow; and the savings are massive. Our system all but eliminates the need to mix tanks or reservoirs daily, run-off can be reduced by up to 90% reducing your water bill and decreasing nutrients going down the drain. Beanstalk has the potential to reduce your core fertilizer costs, but also drastically reduce your labor load and costs associated with fertigation. Spare the environment and your wallet when switching over to our CRF.

CRF can provide a multitude of benefits to your grow. Our product allows you to stop mixing fertilizer at all stages of plant growth, greatly reducing the cost of applying fertilizer and maintaining complex fertigation injectors. CRF also allows you to eliminate most runoff from your facility, reducing your environmental impact and your costs. With a 1 time application,Beanstalk CRF allows you to simplify your sops and improve efficiency and quality whilst also saving you money.

How To Use Beanstalk CRF

A breakdown on how to use our products and which ones you should use at which stage of your grow.

Our nutrient system is separated into two categories (Veg and Bloom). Let’s start by going over our Bloom-mix. This mix consists of our Absolute Flower, K-Boost and Ca-Fortify. Part of what makes our system so easy to use is that our Bloom Trio features a programmed release curve that gives the plant what it needs when it needs it so you don’t have to change feeds mid run.

You get food for up to 20 days of veg and 70 days of bloom using our bloom mix with just one application. The Absolute Flower contains all of the macro and micro nutrients your plants need to thrive. Our K-boost gives your plant the extra potassium, magnesium and sulphur it needs to grow big, robust, fragrant flowers. And our Ca-Fortify provides your calcium hungry plant what it needs to grow stronger stalks to support larger flower sets.

Our V-Basis is a stand alone vegetative fertilizer that is for mothers, nursery stock, and plants that will undergo a veg time longer than 2-3 weeks. V-Basis is designed to be used ON ITS OWN and not in conjunction with the Bloom products. This formula provides your plants with 70 days of food with a single application making keeping a healthy mother stock a breeze.

How much product do I need to use based on my grow?

Nutrition Made Easy

Kick off this grow season with our new easy-to-use one pot pack that’s premixed with our flagship product Absolute Flower, Fortify, and K-Boost.

Try our new easy-to-use

Beanstalk Agriculture One Pot Pack

Introducing the new all-in-one One Pot Pack from the team here at Beanstalk. If it’s your first time using Beanstalk CRF or are looking to dip your toes into our nutrient system the One Pot Pack is perfect for you. We’ve taken our Absolute Flower, K-Boost, and Ca-Fortify and premixed them for you in the correct amount so that you can just mix and go! The instructions for usage couldn’t be any easier, just rip it open and mix it in with 5 gallons worth of your favorite hydroponic planting substrate like coco or peat.

Add your plant to that same 5 gallon pot and BOOM, just like that you’ve got enough food for two weeks of veg and up to 10-weeks of flower using water only. You’re now on the path to a more relaxing and enjoyable growing experience by taking advantage of the power of Beanstalk CRF. (Note: Our fertilizer doesn’t work with mediums such as rockwool and leca. For best performance at this raito we suggest a MAX ppfd of 850)

Price: Free + Shipping & Handling

2 Bags - $19.50

4 Bags - $35.50

6 Bags - $49.50

More Products from Beanstalk CRF

We offer our line of products in various sizes and we also have starter bundles available! Snag a 1lb, 3lb, or 50lb bucket of our Absolute Flower, K-Boost, Fortify, and V-Basis.